2010 News Archive

Medical Physics Consultants, Inc

CRCPD Publishes White Paper on Fluoroscopy – The CRCPD has published a December, 2010 “White Paper” on Handling and Monitoring Fluoroscopy 12/30/10

First Mo-99 Shipment From LEU Received – Lantheus has received its’ first shipment of Mo-99 made via Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) from South Africa. 12/06/10

Guide to Low Dose Available – A manufacturer’s publication intended for clinicians and medical technical staff is available to educate them regarding the imaging study choices available for their patient populations. 11/30/10

JCAHO Redefines Sentinal Events to Add Fluoroscopy – The JCAHO has tweaked the definition of sentinal event to include cumulative radiation dose from fluoroscopy. 11/13/10

ICRP to Review Radiation Exposure to NM Patients, Radiologists and Radon Gas – The ICRP has thrown their hat into the ring of reviewing radiation exposure to Nuclear Medicine Patients, Radiologists and from Radon Gas. 11/12/10

Radiation Risks May Increase for Middle Aged vs Younger Populations – A study released in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute suggests that the risks of radiation exposure in middle aged populations may be higher than that of younger populations. 10/27/10

Spatial Ability is Key to Becoming a Great Selenographer – Research from the University of Missouri notes that ones ability to process and understand physical relationships among objects is the key element in becoming a great sonographer. 10/18/10

Pediatric Dosages Standardized – The Society of Nuclear Medicine and the Society of Pediatric Radiology have agreed on a pediatric radiopharmaceutical dosage schedule. 10/13/10

Breathalyzer Test for Radiation Exposure Investigated – Menssana Research Inc. has been awarded funding to develop a breathalyzer test to measure radiation exposure in both medical therapy and radiation accident populations. 10/12/10

Mo-99 Production from LEU and Natural Mo Awarded Startup Funding – Two Madison Wisconsin firms are awarded $500K each as startup monies for possible production of Mo-99 from very different sources. Production possible by 2013. 10/05/10

Molecular Breast Imaging Portal – In concert with GammaMedica, Molecular Imaging as initiated a web portal dedicated to molecular breast imaging. 9/28/10

Dutch HFR Reactor to Achieve Full Power by 9/9/10: The HFR reactor in Petten, Netherlands is being restarted from a February, 2010 shutdown. Full power is expected by September 9, 2010. 08/27/10

Chalk River Returns to Normal Operations – Beginning 8/17/10 the repaired reactor resumed it’s normal 28 day operating cycle to produce medical isotopes. 8/18/10

Chalk River to Restart Soon – AECL has announced that the Chalk River reactor must only complete low power testing and will be back in service as soon as mid- August. 08/13/10

Chalk River Restart Delayed 10-15 Days – Due to the malfunction of three (3) detectors, the anticipated restart of the reactor has been delayed from 7/31/10 for 10 to 15 days. 07/30/10

SrI(Eu) Crystal Detectors Developed for Radiation Detection – Lawrence Livermore researchers have developed a new radiation detector for gamma radiation from SrI(Eu). 07/20/10

CT Dose Reductions of 95% Reported via New Image Processing Algorithm – At the recent AAPM national meeting, Mayo Clinic researchers reported large dose reductions. 07/20/10

Cardiac CT Effective Dose/DLP Calculated – Cardiac CT effective does / DLP ratios were noted to be 70% higher than chest CT due to radiosensitivities differences. 6/29/10

Chalk River NRU Reactor Repairs Complete – AECL has announced that the repairs to the 53 year old reactor containment vessel have been completed. Operations are scheduled to resume in Late July, 2010 through 2016. 06/17/10

ASNC Introduces Radiation Reduction Techniques – The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) has introduced radiation dose reduction techniques for myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) studies 06/17/10

Radioactive “Optical” Imaging Proposed – Detection of near infrared luminescence from radioactive nano particles containing I-131, Y-90 or F-18 has been studied as a bridge between standard Nuclear Medicine and Optical Imaging. 06/09/10

Proton Bombardment of Mo-100 Tested as a Production Pathway for Tc-99m – Decentralized cyclotron production centers are viewed as a possible answer to Mo-99 / Tc-99m shortage. 06/08/10

SPECT / CT May Be More Useful in Planning Y-90 Microsphere Therapy – Data presented at the 57th annual SNM meeting show improved treatment planning with SPECT/CT vs planar imaging for shunting. 06/08/10

EOS Slot Scanning Technology Reduces Radiation Dose – Biospace Med has introduced an orthopaedic imaging system using slot scanning and Nobel winning gas particle detectors to lower radiation dose for peds cases. 05/21/10

Dutch HFR Reactor Scheduled to Start in August, 2010 – The welding phase of the extensive repairs and remodeling of the HFR reactor in the Netherlands is on schedule. 05/13/10

CT Dose Reduction Schemes – At the recent American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) meeting various schemes to reduce CT dose were presented. 05/11/10

CT Dose Check & Dose Alert Systems to Be Installed – CT Manufacturers have agreed to install “Dose Check” and “Dose Alert” devices to their systems to alert users. 05/05/10

Software Algorithm Devised to Extract Radiation Dose Information from CT – Cornell / Columbia researchers have devised a software system called “Valkyrie” to extract CT dose information to track radiation exposure. 05/04/10

Canadian Government Decides to Not Replace Chalk River – The Canadian government has totally rejected the report from the “Expert Review Panel on Radioisotope Production”. Specifically with regard to replacing the failed Chalk River reactor. 04/02/10

Chalk River Restart Delayed Until Mid-July, 2010 – With 56% of the required repair work completed, AECL released the revised repair timetable as promised. 03/26/10

Chalk River Repairs 51% Complete – AECL reports that the repairs of the Chalk River NRU reactor are 51% complete and they are revising the repair timetable. 03/24/10

$227,500.00 Proposed NRC Fine For Philadelphia VA – NRC proposes to fine the Department of Veteran Affairs $277,500.00, due to the medical events discovered at the Philadelphia VA. 03/17/10

NRC Publishes 2010 Proposed Fee Structure – The NRC has published its’ proposed fee structure for 2010. 03/16/10

AECL Delays Chalk River Restart Until Mid May – Due to the difficulties experienced with ongoing repairs of the reactor vessel, restart has been delayed until mid May. 03/12/10

“Compton Camera” Being Investigated For SPECT Use – A group of researchers in the UK are proposing and testing a semiconductor based camera system for both SPECT and MRI / SPECT systems. 03/04/10

Chalk River Restart Delayed Until End of April, 2010 – Due to developing technical difficulties only 43% of the needed repairs have been finished. 02/26/10

Digital Mammography Delivers Less Radiation – Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) delivers ~22% less radiation per view than film screen mammography. 02/23/10

Netherland High Flux Reactor Shut Down – As planned the High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten, Netherlands was shut down for extensive repairs to it’s cooling pipelines. It is hoped that the reactor will be back on line in August, 2010. 02/19/10

MITA Produces an Eight Step Plan to Limit Medical Radiation Exposure – The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance has developed an eight step proposal to reduce medical related radiation exposures. 02/12/10

FDA to Address Medical Radiation Exposure – FDA will require manufacturers to implement new scanner designs, safer technologies and additional training to the end user for CT and Fluoroscopy devices. 02/09/10

UnitedHealthcare Requires Prior Notification For Imaging Studies – As of 02/15/10 UnitedHealthcare will require prior notification for all CT, MRI, PET, MRA and Nuclear Medicine studies to include Nuclear Cardiology. 02/09/10

U.S. House of Representatives to Hold Hearings on Medical Radiation Effects – Weather permitting the House Energy & Commerce Committee on will hold a hearing on February 10, 2010 on the medical effects of radiation. This comes as the result of recent press regarding Radiation Oncology. 02/08/10

“Epigenetics” May Clarify Low Radiation Dose Effects – The historical gap between known high radiation dose effects and unknown low radiation dose effects may be solved with epigenetics. 02/03/10

Chalk River’s Restart May Be Delayed Until April – Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.(AECL) has indicated that the restart of the disabled reactor may be delayed until April 2010. 01/15/10

TSA’s Total Body Scanners Emit Very Low Radiation – The ACR has noted that the backscatter total body scanners used by the TSA provide a dose in the 10urem range. 01/07/10