Recent Changes in ACR MRI Scan Criteria

Medical Physics Consultants, Inc

Recently, the ACR updated their clinical MRI scan requirements (adding some studies and removing others) as well as simplifying the on-line clinical data forms.

The ACR no longer asks for the reconstructed and displayed matrix parameters and now only needs the acquisition matrix (in the frequency and phase directions) and display FoV.  This is the information that is displayed by your scanner as the scan is prescribed.  Now when the technologist enters the clinical scan parameters in ACRedit, they only need to enter the acquisition FOV (frequency and phase) and the acquisition matrix (frequency and phase), and ta-da, the pixel area is calculated for them!  Since the exam specific parameters in the ACR MRI testing instructions now have only pixel area requirements, this makes life much easier – no more calculating pixel dimensions!  Your MPC MRI physicist can provide you with an excel spreadsheet you can use to confirm that your scan parameters meet the ACR standards prior to selecting which clinical exam you want to submit.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to your physicist for this handy tool.