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Hi! Your job responsibilities require you to obtain continuing education in a specific area of interest; luckily MPC has developed multiple courses to meet these specific educational requirements for our accounts. Simply register using your supplied access key or speak to your MPC physicist to learn more.

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2023 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Annual Familiarization Training

This is a familiarization training for common MRI concepts and is not intended to meet Level I or Level II […]

2023 Computed Tomography Annual Safety Training
2023 Radiation Safety for Environmental Services
2023 Radiation Safety for Maintenance Personnel
2023 General Diagnostic Fluoroscopy User Training

This course will cover basic radiation concepts,  the production of x-rays and their interactions, x-ray machine parameters, radiation biology, fluoroscopy […]

2023 Radiation Safety for Patient Care Providers
2023 PET Assistant Personnel
2023 Restricted Access Training
2023 Stress Testing Personnel (Injecting) Worker Instruction
2023 Stress Testing Personnel (NOT Injecting) Worker Instruction
2023 Mobile Driver Worker Instruction
2023 Yttrium-90 Training for Nuclear Medicine Staff

This MPC developed course provides a comprehensive overview of radiation safety concepts relative to Nuclear Medicine staff members who are […]

2023 Yttrium-90 Radiation Safety Course for IR Staff

This MPC developed course provides a comprehensive overview of radiation safety concepts relative to Interventional Radiology staff members who are […]

2023 HIPAA (General Use)

This training will provide an overview of HIPAA and HITECH privacy principles. NOTE: To view Speaker’s Notes click on the […]

2023 MPC HIPAA Training
2023 Written Directive Training

This training should be completed annually by individuals who participate in the administration of radioactive material requiring a written directive.

2023 HAZMAT/DOT Training

All employees involved with the preparation of a hazardous materials package for shipment, [load, unload, or handle hazardous materials (when […]

2023 Annual Nuclear Medicine Technologist Training

All personnel who handle radioactive material, or are likely to receive 100 mrem per quarter, and whose duties will require […]

2022 MPC HIPAA Training
2022 Radiation Safety for Patient Care Providers