Shielding Design Consultation

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MPC has developed a good working relationship with many regional and national architectural firms with regards to both shielding plans and facility design consultation. Facility design reviews provide assurance of smooth ergonomic flow and clinical adherence to good radiation safety practices. We are able to provide your regulatory agency and general contractor with a sound and compliant shielding plan as required for the following modalities:

Nuclear Medicine Shielding

A comprehensive shielding plan will be developed In combination with a facility plan review for good radiation safety practices to prevent “cross-talk” between patient’s, sources and various forms of instrumentation. Regulatory compliance with absorbed dose limits is assured.

PET / CT Shielding

MPC shielding plans address the comprehensive inclusion of scatter contribution from both CT and 511keV photons from PET for regulatory compliance and cost containment.

Radiographic / Fluoroscopic / CCL / IR / CT Shielding

With the growing demand for staff, public and patient dose reduction, MPC is able to provide shielding plan designs to comply with all regulatory requirements and good radiation safety practices.

Diagnostic Radiology

We perform annual equipment compliance and performance testing of diagnostic radiology equipment required by TJC, HFAP and/or the State Department of Health.


Nuclear Medicine

MPC places special emphasis on regulatory assistance, along with administrative and Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) support. We have earned and gained an excellent reputation with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and multiple State agencies by helping our clients maintain a high level of compliance through routine audits of their radiation safety programs.


I really enjoyed the Radiation Safety Officer Course and appreciate all of the hospitality that was extended to me by the MPC staff!

Kim Grove CNMT

We have been using the services of MPC for years and appreciate the extra care and effort they provide to ensure our equipment is safe and meets the standards for quality to operate legally. The physicists are knowledgeable and approachable. They have a genuine concern for our success and compliance with governing regulations.