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Your outsourced team of in-house medical physicists.

We develop long term relationships with our hospitals and imaging centers by providing local consultants, training courses and industry leading expertise.

Medical Physics Assets

With the wealth of commonsense Medical Physics experience, MPC has a long history of developing concise regulatory compliant and clinically beneficial forms for all sections of Diagnostic Imaging.

Medical Physics Consultants, Inc.

Nuclear Medicine Forms

MPC’s knowledge of stringent Nuclear Medicine regulatory requirements and exacting clinical documentation has evolved into a compendium of useful and required forms.

Nuclear Forms
Medical Physics Consultants, Inc.

Diagnostic Radiology Forms

With the continuing evolution of Diagnostic Imaging in Radiology and Cardiology, MPC develops forms for regulatory and clinical compliance.

Diagnostic Forms

Latest News

  • Are you EQUIPped?

    Maybe last year you heard something from your MQSA inspector about EQUIP: Enhancing Quality Using the Inspection Program and quickly tuned out because he or she mentioned that while they were telling you about this requirement now, they would not be holding you to it until 2018.  Well, here we are, 2018!! And we at […]

  • Michigan Diagnostic Reference Levels for Patient Radiation Exposure, an Explanation

    Confused about patient CT dose limits in Michigan?  We hope the information in this post will help clarify the newly established Michigan Diagnostic Reference Level guidelines. Earlier this year, the Michigan Radiation Safety Section updated guidance on patient CT radiation exposure levels.  They have moved from a “Standard of Care” limit guideline to a “Diagnostic […]

  • Recent Changes in ACR MRI Scan Criteria

    Recently, the ACR updated their clinical MRI scan requirements (adding some studies and removing others) as well as simplifying the on-line clinical data forms. The ACR no longer asks for the reconstructed and displayed matrix parameters and now only needs the acquisition matrix (in the frequency and phase directions) and display FoV.  This is the […]

  • Welcome to our new look!

    Welcome, so you have been perusing our newly remodeled website and have landed here. We are so glad you have rediscovered Medical Physics Consulting, Inc.  and we hope you are as excited about our new look as we are!  There are several things we are hoping will come from this blog, One, we hope you […]

  • NRC wants your comments on Patient Release Program

    Dear MPC Client: The NRC has issued a request for comment on proposed revisions to the patient release program. The NRC has directed staff to revise Regulatory Guide 8.39 Release of Patients Administered Radioactive Materials.  Prior to 1997, hospitalization was required for all patients treated with more than 30 mCi of NaI‐131. The dose‐based release […]

  • MPC’s response to the request for public comment on the potential regulatory changes to the Patient Release Program

    The NRC is requesting comment from the general public on its patient release programs, specifically looking for input on whether additional or alternate criteria are needed and whether to clarify the NRC’s current patient release requirements.  The following statement is MPC’s official response to the questions put forth by the NRC in Docket ID NRC-2017-0094 of […]

  • Eye Dose in IR – Webinar

    IAEA is sponsoring a free webinar on 03/09/16 at 9 AM ET on estimating Eye Dose in Interventional Procedures

  • TJC New CT Requirements

    The Joint Commission (TJC) has issued a prepublication of new CT requirements.

  • Radiation Safety Webinar

    The American College of Nuclear Medicine (ACNM) is providing a one(1) hour webinar on 01/19/16 on Radiation Safety.

  • NRC Seeks to Revise I-131 Patient Release

    The NRC is seeking public comment on a number of issues regarding patient release of patients treated with Sodium Iodide-131 in order to revise a patient information brochure and patient release regulations in 10 CFR 35.75. Comment period ends 02/16/15.


MPC is a very reliable company and always available to help when needed! Their physicists are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and dependable!

Carissa Wessel Director of Diagnostic Imaging

We have found the services of MPC vital in meeting our accreditation and regulatory obligations for annual and acceptance testing for all our imaging equipment. MPC has demonstrated to be a cost effective service of providing qualified medical physicists for all our nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging machine needs for over the past ten years.

Anonymous RSO