Acceptance Testing

Medical Physics Consultants, Inc. - Services

MPC has a long and respected history of providing acceptance testing services for all ionizing radiation producing and detecting equipment. We have an internationally respected group of medical physicists with proven and vendor accepted testing protocols.

It is our belief that the formal documentation of baseline performance of all newly installed equipment provides a high degree of protection for both the purchaser and vendor. These data provide a basis for comparison and assessment of future imaging status.

This documentation provides you with an added level of assurance that your new device either meets or exceeds the parameters provided by the vendor and nationally accepted values. Failure to meet this criteria is then documented for you to seek optimum performance from the manufacturer.

Nuclear Medicine

MPC places special emphasis on regulatory assistance, along with administrative and Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) support. We have earned and gained an excellent reputation with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and multiple State agencies by helping our clients maintain a high level of compliance through routine audits of their radiation safety programs.


MPC is a very reliable company and always available to help when needed! Their physicists are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and dependable!

Carissa Wessel Director of Diagnostic Imaging

We have contracted with MPC for many years. They have always been dependable, flexible, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them for all of your Radiology Physicist needs. A pleasure to do business with.

Nichole Laabs Director of Radiology