2011 News Archive

Medical Physics Consultants, Inc

Positron Corp. to Produce Radiopharmaceuticals – Positron Corp. of Fishers, IN has received a license from the Indiana Board of Pharmacy to produce radiopharmaceuticals at it’s Crown Point facility in Northwest Indiana. In-111 will be produced first. 12/20/11.

Bismuth Shielding NOT Worth the Disadvantages РJACR notes that the reduced image quality, as well as other degradations make the use of Bismuth shielding not worth the effort. 12/20/11

AMA Joins the “Lower Radiation Dose” Bandwagon – The American Medical Association has adopted new policies to properly educate all medical personnel especially non-physicians regarding lowering patient radiation doses. 11/28/11

“Go With the Guidelines” Campaign Initiated – Image Gently and the Society of Nuclear Medicine have initiated a campaign to insure that pediatric dosages are in line with those outlined in the “North American Guidelines for Radiopharmaceutical Dose in Children” which is a weight based calculation. 11/16/11

Advanced Rare Isotope Lab Construction Started – The University of British Columbia has initiated the construction of it’s Advanced Rare Isotope Lab to produce medical use radioactive material by 2015. 11/02/11

Chalk River Reactor License Renewed – The NRU reactor at Chalk River, Ontario has received a renewed operating license good through 11/01/2016. 10/31/11

Michigan Withdraws From Agreement State Process – Governor Rick Snyder has informed the NRC that Michigan is withdrawing it’s filed “Letter of Intent” to become an “Agreement State” at this time. 08/31/11

CardioGen Rb-82 Webinar FREE – A free webinar will be presented concerning the return of the CardioGen Rb-82 generator on November 17, 2011. 11/08/11

ACMUI Teleconference 12-15-2011 – The NRC has announced a teleconference of the next meeting of the ACMUI on 12/15/11. Redefining Medical Events is the main topic. It is open to the general public. 12/05/11

PET QC Webinar – The Society of Nuclear Medicine is providing a webinar on PET QC – Scanner Performance on 9/29 at 3 PM EDT. 09/06/11

JCAHO Issues Radiation Dose Warning – The Joint Commission has issued an alert#47 to all subscribers concerning a warning to monitor and evaluate radiation doses from Diagnostic Radiology. 08/25/11

Radioactive Iodine Usage in Thyroid Ca Questioned – University of Michigan researchers have conducted a retrospective review of treated patients for thyroid Ca and question I-131 usage in low-risk patients. 08/17/11

DOT / NRC Publish Proposed Rules to Align With IAEA – The DOT and NRC have published proposed rule changes for packaging and transporting radioactive material to better align with the rules of the IAEA. 08/12/11

ACR CT Dose Index Registry Seminar – On September 27, 2011 ACR will present a seminar on the CT Dose Registry from 1 – 2:30PM EDT. 08/30/11

NRC Issues Policy Statement on Protection of Cesium-137 Sources – The NRC has issued a policy statement for Category 1 and 2 CsCl sources. 07/25/11

“Flash-Scan” CTA Reduces Radiation Dose in Pediatric Cases – Dual Source, prospective, high pitch CT reduced the radiation dose to children with high heart rates by x4 – x7 compared with “Spiral” of “Sequential” CT. 07/19/11

EPA Releases Radiogenic Risk Models to U.S. Population – EPA has released the 2011 Cancer Risk assessment to the U.S. population known as the “Blue Book”. 07/17/11

National Source Tracking System Form 748 – The NRC National Source Tracking System (NSTS) has developed a new site which houses various versions of the Form 748 to document sealed source tracing as required. 06/28/11

NRC Safety Culture Policy Statement Issued – NRC has issued a policy statement regarding establishment of an expected “Safety Culture” for licensees. It is centered around nine(9) specific “traits”. 06/15/11

ICRP Draft Commentary Released – Radiological Protection of Fluoroscopy Performed Outside the Imaging Department – On 05/18/11 the ICRP released a draft commentary concerning radiological protection for fluoroscopy performed outside the imaging department. 05/31/11

ICRP Draft Commentary Released- Patient & Staff Radiological Protection in Cardiology – On 05/20/11 the ICRP released a draft commentary concerning the radiological protection of patients & staff in cardiology. 05/31/11

ICRP Publishes New Threshold for Lens of the Eye – The ICRP has published in it’s latest Radiation Protection for Patients a new absorbed dose threshold for the lens of the eye to be 0.5 Gy. Occupational exposure equivalent dose limits are suggested to be 20 mSv over a five (5) year period. 05/31/11

AAPM Publishes CT Dose Standard – In concert with NEMA Technical Standard XR 25, AAPM has published Notification and Alert values that are dose index values which are higher than usual to provide a “time-out” opportunity prior to scanning the patient. 05/06/11

ICANL / SNM Offer a Free Webinar – CMS Compliance – On May 18, 2011 at 1 PM EDT a free webinar will be offered by ICANL and the SNM on compliance with CMS regulations. 05/06/11

ATA Releases Radiation Safety Recommendations for Release of Iodine-131 Therapy Patients – The American Thyroid Association has released recommendations concerning Iodine-131 Therapy patients. 04/12/11

ACR to Launch CT Dose Index Registry (DIR) in Spring 2011 – Under the National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR), the ACR is registering facilities to forward CT radiation dose data. Regional and National comparisons will be provided to participating facilities. 04/05/11

ACR Appropriateness Criteria Available for Referring Physicians – Evidence based appropriateness criteria are available for referring physicians to select the proper diagnostic imaging exam for their patients. 04/05/11

“BioShield” Antioxidant Formulation Appears to Reduce Double Strand DNA Breaks by 50% – In an extremely limited study this antioxidant formulation showed a reduction of 50% in radiation induced DNA damage. 04/01/11

Patient Radiation Dose Optimization Performance Measurement Set – A draft report is available for comment, from the consortium of the ABMS, ACR and ABR regarding standardizing, optimizing and cataloging radiation dose from diagnostic imaging. 04/01/11

Advising the Public About Radiation Exposures – An National Council for Radiation Protection (NCRP) Commentary number 10 is available FREE for assistance in developing an educated approach to the public concerning radiation exposure. 03/21/11

ASNC Patient Dose Reduction Webinar Available – FREE – The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology has issued a free webinar addressing dose reduction in Nuclear Cardiology. 03/09/11

Nuclear Cardiology for Nurses and Nurse Practitioners Course – The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) has announced the availability for purchase a course describing Nuclear Cardiology for Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. 02/24/11

NCRP Issues Report on Fluoroscopically Guided Imaging – NCRP Report 168 has been issued for purchase regarding Fluoroscopically Guided Imaging. 02/22/11

SNM Clarifies “Beyond Use Date (BUD) vs “Expiration Date” – The SNM Commission on Radiopharmaceuticals has issued a clarification of BUD vs Expiration date for radiopharmaceuticals. 02/21/11

NRC Releases New I-131 Tx Patient Release Guidance – The NRC on 2/14/11 released new guidance on release of patients given I-131 for therapeutic purposes. 02/15/11

“Pause & Pulse” Fluoroscopy Dose Reduction Campaign Introduced – The Image Gently Alliance has introduced a fluoroscopy dose reduction information site for physicians , physicists, technologists and pediatric patients. 02/14/11

$35M Allotted by Canada for Isotope Production – The Canadian government has provided four(4) teams a share of $35M to produce medical isotopes via cyclotron / accelerator within a 15 month time limit. 01/25/11

ACR Announces a Webinar on Breast MRI Accreditation – The ACR has scheduled a web based Q & A on March 23, 2011 concerning Breast MRI Accreditation. 01/19/11

ACR Announces a Webinar on CT Accreditation – The ACR has scheduled a web based Q & A on February 24, 2011 concerning CT Accreditation. 01/19/11

ASRT to Offer Fluoroscopy Course – The ASRT will be offering a six(6) part educational series on fluoroscopy use and safety for Radiologic Technologists. 01/19/11

CardioGen82 Rb-82 Generator to be in Short Supply – Bracco has announced a potential shortage of Sr-82, parent radionuclide of Rb-82 from March to July, 2011. this is due to accelerator maintenance schedules. 01/19/11

ACR Announces a Webinar on Accreditation for NM and PET – The ACR has scheduled a web based Q & A on February 2, 2011, concerning accreditation in Nuclear Medicine and PET. 01/14/11