Brave New World

Medical Physics Consultants, Inc

In this new COVID-19 world we are encountering daily recommendations to promote social distancing, infection prevention and minimization of virus spread. Some headlines crossing our desk recently include the following:

ACR Recommends suspension of nuclear medicine ventilation scans (

Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging also recommends proceeding with caution when performing ventilation/perfusion lung scans

Society of Breast Imaging suggests delaying screening breast exams (

The VHA National Health Physics Program (in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Radiologic Health Branch and the California Department of Public Health) have developed guidelines to practice radiation safety while performing X-Ray Radiography outside of a shielded room Special Edition Newsletter – Radiation Safety Guidance For Mobile X-Ray Radiography During COVID-19 Epidemic.

Finally the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) offers insight on ensuring the safety of patients and coworkers from a medical physicist view point (

Please be careful out there as we continue to move through the curve in all of our regions!
NOTE: This information is intended as just that, information and is not necessarily endorsed by MPC. If you should need specific guidance please contact your MPC physicist.