Medical Physics Consultants, Inc

Radiation Safety Webinar

The American College of Nuclear Medicine (ACNM) is providing a one(1) hour webinar on 01/19/16 on Radiation Safety.


NRC Seeks to Revise I-131 Patient Release

The NRC is seeking public comment on a number of issues regarding patient release of patients treated with Sodium Iodide-131 in order to revise a patient information brochure and patient release regulations in 10 CFR 35.75. Comment period ends 02/16/15.


ACR Publishes Patient Dose Chart

The American College of Radiology has published a “Patient Dose Chart” intended to better communicate with both patients and attending physicians regarding radiation dose from various exams.


MRI Annual Safety Training

MRI Annual Safety Training – CT Annual Safety Training – The Joint Commission (TJC) requires in their revised Diagnostic Imaging Standards, Annual Safety Training in both CT and MRI. MPC has developed documentation for compliance.


CT Fetal Dose Calculation

Researchers at UCLA have noted that the meteric of CTDI-vol and patient size noted as “water equivalent diameter” are useful in determining fetal dose from CT.