Anna Manfredo

Medical Physics Consultants, Inc

Anna decided to make two major life decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic; a career change as well as return to school for a master’s degree. Being the amazing company that MPC is, we were able to lure Anna out of her position as a nuclear medicine technologist to be a medical physics consultant.

In 2006, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology and is currently working towards a Master of Science degree in Health Physics.

Prior to joining MPC, she worked as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for nearly 13 years in Springfield, Illinois. She helped to establish a general nuclear medicine department in 2007 and then assisted in adding PET/CT to the department in 2015. May 2016, she decided to become PET certified through the NMTCB, making her one of less than 10 PET certified technologists in Illinois.

Over the course of her employment as a nuclear medicine and PET technologist, she performed various additional tasks such as acquiring all quality control images for ACR (Planar, SPECT & PET), reviewing monthly reports regarding radioactive dose management, and returning sealed sources to vendors; all of which were a solid foundation to her position with MPC.

Anna’s exceptional personal qualities and professional expertise allows MPC to provide exemplary comprehensive medical physics consulting services in Illinois and the surrounding states. We are excited to have Anna with us and look forward to her contributions to our company’s continuous quality improvement effort.


B.S. - Nuclear Medicine Technology